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 BBD Personal Training Studio, helps both men and women achieve their health and fitness goals by utilizing personalized exercise, nutrition, and coaching programs.  At BBD we will teach you the fastest and healthiest way to lose fat, increase lean muscle strength, and boost energy levels while developing a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer has extensive experience training beginners to athletes at the competitive level.


Personal Training

At BBD our entire team is committed to not only meeting your expectations, but exceeding them, by providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers will measure their client's strengths and weaknesses using proven fitness assessments. These fitness assessments may also be performed before and after an exercise program to measure the client's improvements and  physical fitness. Our trainers will educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. 

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage is known to affect blood circulation and reduce muscular tension.
  • reduction of muscle tension and stiffness
  • relief of muscle spasms
  • greater flexibility and range of motion
  • increase the ease of movement
  • stress relief aides relaxation
  • relief of tension-related headaches
  • promotion of faster healing of soft tissue
    injuries, such as pulled muscles and sprained ligaments, and reduction in pain
    and swelling related to such injuries
  • reduction in the formation of excessive scar tissue following soft tissue injuries
  • improvement in posture through changing tension patterns that affect posture
  • reduction in levels of anxiety


We are a private personal training facility, catering to clients in the GTA.  BBD is looking to lease out space to individuals looking to grow there own business and gel with ours.  

Personal Training Opportunities both Full and Part-time available please send your CV to:
[email protected]